OBP Super Search Blog - The Power of Online Reviews

As an industry expert in online presence and reputation, OBP Super Search is often asked about the importance of good reviews for businesses. Before we dive into our take on good and bad reviews, it's important to remember that sometimes even good companies can get negative reviews. No matter how stellar your customer service is, you may not make everyone happy, and that's normal.

A slew of negative online reviews can be damaging to your business's reputation, both online and offline. If you're underperforming and leaving your customers unhappy, OBP Super Search has some advice for improving your customer service and product offering to generate more positive online reviews.

How are you operating?

Before you can expect to see 5-star reviews day after day we need to tap into your customer service approach. Are you going above and beyond to answer every question and cater to every customer's need? Training your team to put the customer first is the core of good online reviews. At OBP Super Search, our team shares a philosophy that the job is not done until the client is happy and all issues are resolved, and that has helped tremendously with our online reputation.

Benefits of online reviews:

  • Build relationships and trust
  • Organically improve SEO efforts
  • Low-cost marketing tactic
  • Allow better customer engagement
  • Increased sales

There are many benefits of online reviews. They're great for helping improve your SEO rankings and really come in handy when promoting and marketing your product or service.

Generating online reviews:

Once you've established a beneficial way to deal with customers and promote your product or service, it's time to generate online reviews. If your business is active on social media, consider asking for a Recommendation on Facebook and encourage people to tag you in posts when talking about your business. To improve your local SEO, we highly suggest you ask for Google reviews. These reviews will populate in the search engine results when someone searches for your business by name. Most consumers check online before doing business with a company, so having a bad review can really damage your reputation.

To generate reviews there are a few ask strategies you can incorporate. You can simply ask your happy customers to review you - they're usually pretty inclined to do so when they've had a good experience. You can also utilize email marketing to solicit email lists for reviews. A simple callout box within a template asking for a few minutes of their time to leave a review will do the trick and providing a button that links directly to the review platform adds convenience.

Lastly, you can offer incentives to customers that are willing to leave reviews. It could be a percentage off of their next purchase, an exclusive discount, coupon or freebie for their participation. Consumers love to be rewarded, so how about an incentive for a product or service they're already invested in.

Using online reviews for promotion:

Now that you've racked up positive reviews and improved your online ratings and reputation, let's put those reviews to work! At OBP Super Search, we use our positive reviews across many of our marketing efforts to show off our happy clients and what they say about the success they've had since joining our online directory. You can include them on proposals, invoices and pages of your website to ensure positive affirmation with every interaction. Using good reviews to boost sales is another key strategy. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product or commit to a service when there are plenty of good reviews to back it up.

Review dont's:

There are three things you should never do when it comes to online reviews.
Avoid duplication - when you copy an entire customer review and put it on multiple pages of your website, it can be seen as duplicate content and not ideal for your SEO strategy. Try highlighting snippets of a review rather than the entire quote.
No fake reviews - fake reviews are obvious and do not help your business. Search engines also pick up on fake reviews, damaging your rankings.
Don't ignore negative reviews - it's important to respond to bad reviews just as much as it is to respond to positive ones. That shows those reading that you care about all of your customers, even the unhappy ones.

Dealing with negative reviews:

It's bound to happen - your unsatisfied customer gets to their computer and quickly spouts out an unhappy rant before you even have time to provide a solution to their problem. Now you're left with a bad review and an online reputation that doesn't accurately represent your business.

Take a moment to analyze the problem. OBP Super Search looks into every customer experience before dealing with or responding to a negative online review. We want to offer a solution and an apology to show those seeing the negative review that we cared enough to reach out with a response and offer a possible fix. If you're upset with this customer, do not respond right away. Cool off, step back, and make sure you write a calm, composed response.

Interested in being a part of our online directory? Improve your SEO rankings and generate more positive reviews by joining businesses just like yours on our platform. Start working on your online reputation and using our OBP Super Search platform, as well as good reviews, to dominate your market.